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What Sets Us Apart

Delhi World Public Schools are innovative effort to integrate the best ideas in education taken from all good practices in India and around the world. We follow the philosophy of a great thinker and philosopher Swami Vivekananda where he says, “The end of all education, all training, should be man making. Education means that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is sharpened.” Swami Vivekananda believed that the development of a nation is not possible without real education. And the same is being taught and preached at DWPS. We, at Delhi World Public School, Panipat, strive hard to make our students good humans first and foremost.

Emphasis is laid on learning from the environment combining spiritual philosophies with dfiferent subjects in the curriculum. The DWPS ethos of equity, compassion, cooperation and service before self is our earnest endeavour. To achieve this blend, our student community is involved in peer tutoring to reach out to fellow students who may be less privileged than them; our teachers are provided opportunities for researching pedagogic systems. In addition to excellent teaching and learning facilities, each of our schools is encouraged to offer a variety of creative courses and advanced opportunities in the sporting and cultural fields. And just as every Delhi World Public School is special, every student of our schools is nurtured and empowered to blossom in his or her own special way.

Playful Pre-Primary wing

The pre-primary wing is a bustling hive of vibrant creativity and boundless curiosity, where young minds eagerly explore the wonders of the world through play and imagination.

Lively Primary Wing

The primary wing is a bustling hub of enthusiastic learning and discovery, where young scholars embark on their educational journey with curiosity and determination.

Dynamic Middle Wing

The middle wing is a dynamic nexus of exploration and growth, where students navigate the bridge between foundational learning and deeper inquiry, fostering resilience and independence.

Sophisticated Senior Wing

The senior wing epitomizes a realm of scholarly pursuit and matured ambition, where students embark on the culmination of their educational journey, poised to make their mark on the world.

Establishing The Right Environment

We believe in building a modern culture using both traditional & next-generation tools. So, your child’s natural talents can blossom.

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Smart Infrastructure

Pragmatic Learnings

Talent Spotting

Smart Monitoring


Delhi World Public School, Panipat, has the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, including well stocked libraries, Mathematics, Science and Language labs, Rooms for workshops and appropriate playgrounds and sports complex.

Join India's educational excellence, embodying creativity and innovation.

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An ambience best suited in modern times to meet the learning needs of each and every child whose inquisitive, imaginative and curious mind would be able to feed on the right resources and the world class infrastructure available that would excite and stir the creative forces within them.

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